Autarco adjusts the kWh guarantee

Jun 18, 2021 | 0 comments

For nearly 10 years, Autarco has been pioneering meaningful and simple performance guarantees to deliver certainty to rooftop solar owners. Our proven ability to deliver high performing systems and advances in our digital capability allow us to bring you a massive upgrade to the best performance guarantees in the industry; higher, longer, cheaper, more flexible.
We have also taken our Dealers feedback on board so that our guarantees can now help your company be more successful in order to;

  • Improve your profitability
  • Generate more recurring revenue
  • Increase conversion rates and get more leads
  • Extra income with the sale of the kWh guarantee

    One of the most important changes is that Autarco dealers can generate additional income with the sale of the kWh guarantee. Selling a kWh guarantee leads to an annual cash flow for the duration of the guarantee. In addition, there is a performance bonus for the dealer if the guaranteed return is achieved.

    For systems larger than 30 kWp, it is mandatory to conclude a service and maintenance contract. This allows our Autarco dealers to benefit from annually recurring revenues and increase their net margin by up to 40%.

    Cost per guaranteed kilowatt hour halved

    Where Autarco previously offered one standard insured kWh guarantee, we are now introducing two different kWh guarantees:

  • A standard kWh guarantee issued by Autarco with portfolio level insurance
  • A premium kWh guarantee issued by the kWh Guarantee Fund foundation with system level insurance backed by Lloyd’s of London.
  • Given the growing brand awareness of Autarco and their now 10-year track record, many customers do not feel the need to have 100% insurance coverage on our guarantees, by reducing the level of insurance we can continue to offer rock solid business cases at lower cost.

    New: PR guarantees

    Autarco can now also issue fully insured Performance Ratio (PR) guarantees to customers based on current satellite data. PR guarantees will only be issued for PV systems larger than 30 kWp.


    Would you like to better understand how Autarco’s guarantee can help you;

  • Improve your profitability
  • Generate more recurring revenue
  • Increase conversion rates and get more leads