Autarco introduces home battery solution

In line with current trends, Autarco will introduce a home battery solution in March 2022 aimed at systems up to 30kWp. This intelligent energy solution will consist of a hybrid inverter for new installations or an AC coupled battery charger, to provide already existing Autarco solar power systems with battery storage. Autarco has opted for modular batteries, whereby the total storage capacity can easily be adjusted according to need by using different modules.

Autarco storage inverters will operate on an open platform and are compatible with a range of leading batteries, including LG Chem, BYD, PylonTech and others. This approach provides maximum flexibility to find the best solution and reduces supply chain dependencies.

Integration in Helios and the MyAutarco app

These new products are fully integrated into the Autarco total solution. For this, a number of things will be adjusted in our own software Helios and in the Autarco monitoring App MyAutarco. For example, it becomes possible in Helios to upload consumption profiles. Combined with the current revenue calculations, this allows us to calculate a business case even more accurately. Home battery monitoring is fully supported in the MyAutarco app.


Our company name ‘Autarco’ comes from the word ‘autarky’ which in turn has its origin in the classical Greek word αύτάρκεια, which means self-sufficiency. We believe in a future where individuals, households, businesses and communities can thrive peacefully and in harmony with their environment. Self-sufficiency in the field of energy is central to this. With the current rising gas and energy prices, it is becoming increasingly profitable for households to invest in a home battery.